Bass – Cliff McCormack



Cliff McCormack – Bass Guitar

“I began playing guitar at 16 years old, but quickly switched over to bass guitar.   Early influences included Geddy Lee, Dusty Hill, Jack Bruce, and also bands like The Gap Band and The Ohio Players.”

After playing in original music bands for many years, with varying degrees of success (and lack of success), the shift to playing in cover bands became somewhat of a necessity for those who couldn’t give up the music.  

“I’ve played in a somewhat heavy metal band, a blues band, a funk/disco band, several rock bands, and some bands who defied description entirely.  Those different experiences all helped me in my bass playing I think.  After a while, you get so many people bringing you songs to play, you don’t even think a lot about the style after you learn the song.  Oddly enough, I learned to play slap bass because that was the only way I could get the bass to be heard in the heavy band – I had to slap ALL of the notes, or I couldn’t be heard.  After awhile I liked the “attack” of the note when played that way.  Switching that to playing funk music was a no-brainer.  But all good music has a common denominator, and that is groove.   Groove is one of those things that is difficult to define, but you notice it immediately if it’s missing.” 

Groove is not missing when you see The Tribe, so come out – see for yourself –  and get your groove on!


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