Drums – Steve Warfield


Steve Warfield – Drums

Steve started playing drums at the young age of 8 years old, taking lessons and learning to read music. He was influenced when the Beatles hit the U.S. along with the other British rock bands of the early 60’s. From this point on, Steve joined other student musicians and began playing in bands gearing up for dances, teen events and talent shows. All this led into gigging actively in clubs every weekend in the Midwest through the 70’s.

His love for music expanded into many genre’s of music and he took it to the next level moving to Los Angeles. There he struggled with all the other bands in the 80’s and enjoyed playing shows and collaborating with all types of musicians. His passion later took him to Nashville in 1988.

In Nashville, he immediately joined various bands and artists and toured the U.S. especially the east coast and southern states.  After being on the road for some time, Steve found himself wanting to slow down and play the local scene. His musical interest broadened from rock, blues, funk, metal to country and Christian music.  Today, Steve enjoys drumming with The Tribe and encourages everyone to come out and experience the high energy of this band!

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